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I know we don't have the time to search online or sometimes we are in a new city without proper internet connection or transportation. But don't worry. I am here to help you find the right flat to rent. Why pay so much money to brokers? Contact the owners directly! I will help you find your flat in any city in India. Essentially what I will be doing is log onto magicbricks.com, 99acre.com, commonfloor.com and search for owner listed flats in a city specified by you. I will you you 30 phone numbers and/ or email id (if available) to contact and you may end up getting the flat. You can contact the owner directly and rent your flat. I don't guarantee that you will like all the flats that I send contacts of. I will make sure I search according to your requirements, so please be specific of type of flat you want to rent. In case you happen to really end up renting the flat that I gave you contact of please tip me with Rs.100. Thanks in advance.


Please send me the city, area, budget, amenities, other details you would like the flat to have. Please be very specific so that I can do a good search for you.

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