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I will help you with an online marketing strategy for your product or service. I will give you tips and guidelines on how you can take advantage of online free tools. I will be involved in helping you with good results. I do not guarantee your ranking on Google will go up with my service. But you will see some tangible results in terms of searches, meaning when you search by your product name or service you should be able to see your product on Google. I will only give you the tips on how to get this done and be a little involved but not a full package of online marketing. In case you need my full involvement you will have to buy 8 quantities of this service.


Please send me all the details of your business- name of the business, place, target customers, etc. What is your USP? How you have been marketing your product/ service until now?

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Name: KeithSabastein

About: I love to help people with marketing strategy for their products and services. I am an online marketer, I have 3 years of experience in helping clients with better ranking their products on Google. I can help with blog posts, blog comments, Youtube comments, Tweets, Retweets, search engine optimiza

Skills: Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing Strategy, Twitter Followers, Content Management