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Now you don't have to go to the beach, the beach will come to you. Experience the essence of a beach at the comfort of your home. Use the water to put in on your feet or just feel the aroma of sea water and the sand. I will send you a 250 ml bottle of Beach water plus 100 grams of sand from the same beach. This water will be from Mumbai Juhu Beach or some beach in India. In case you want a specific beach water please message me before ordering. I will charge extra for shipping anywhere in India or our of India. This will not be purified water, it is just water collected from the ocean and the sand collected from any beach. The bottle will be a recycled one and no professional packing will be done, but It will be authentic beach water.


In case you want beach water from a specific beach please send me a message before ordering. Please let me know what purpose you are going to use this water, that way I can better package it for you.

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