I will apply online for 30 jobs on your behalf for Rs.100

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You may be looking for a career change or just new job but are stuck with the current job and cannot apply online. I will help you with this work, I will apply online for 30 jobs on behalf of you. You will just have to send your resume and details of what type of job you are looking for. I will use your email and your phone numb er so that you can get calls or emails from prospective employers. I will send you a screenshot of job applications that I have sent on your behalf.


Please send me your updated resume, job profile you are looking for and any other details related to industry, etc. Also you need to give me your email Id so that I can sign up on your behalf on job sites.

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Name: Keerthi

About: A freelance Enthusiast. Love to write Blogs and do creative stuff. Anything related to business is my passion. I have helped people build businesses. A core marketer ready to take up any challenge.

Skills: Slogan writing, Flowchart creation, Business Tips, Innovative Ideas, Business Plan Writing